Piergiorgio Milano



From and with Nicola Cisternino, Piergiorgio Milano

Concept, direction and coreography Piergiorgio Milano

theatrical assistants Elsa Dourdet, Florent Hamon

lights creation Simone Fini

sound creation Florent Hamon, Piergiorgio Milano

light and sound mixing Luca Carbone

production and broadcasting Estelle Saintagne

creation 2016

duration 55 mins

techniques   acrobatic dance

minimum age 4 years

photo credits  Manuela Giusto

The Show

The protagonist in Pesadilla is a man who has become lost in his dreams, constantly failing in his attempts to stay awake. A heroic victim whose narcoleptic days can only tip over into an absurd universe.
The character’s tremendous desire and constant lack of success provoke empathy and black humour, like a one-way mirror held up to a society on the edge of hysteria: a limbo suspended between insomnia, sleepwalking and narcolepsy. The protagonist encounters all kinds of contradictions brought on by modern life and suffers an overdose of violent images and accelerated passages of time that break our internal rhythms.He undergoes visual metamorphoses that depict the stress imposed on him by technological intrusions and the frenzy of city living.
At the intersection between burlesque and the bizarre, Pesadilla marries black humour and melancholy by relating the fragility of a man divided between dreaming with his eyes open and living with his eyes closed.
Pesadilla is a chair, a whip, a pair of men’s shoes, a shirt, a tie, a dog mask, an old screen from the 70s, an imaginary audience, a bus that never arrives, a gun, high heels, desire, flamenco, a panda...

The Troupe

Piergiorgio Milano works as a creator and as a performer in order to have an artistic experience as complete as possible.
The world tour of the show Tabac Rouge by James Thierrée, who has engaged him in the last years, has been fundamental for his artistic growth both as a performer and as a playwriter because through this experience he has learned to go to the limits of a situation, never to turn down a proposal, and never to make an intellectual judgement about himself while he’s working.