Bruxelles en piste

Bruxelles  en Piste introduces contemporary Belgian circus to Italy.

As part of Focus Circus, the year dedicated to the circus, created by the Ministry of Youth Aid, Houses of Justice, Sports and Promotion of Brussels -Capital Region, between September and December 2018, seven Belgian companies - with international artists and young talents - will be staging over thirty performances in Piemonte, as well as a dozen more in Emilia Romagna. Coordinated by Piemonte dal Vivo, Bruxelles  en Piste offers audiences a wide range of spectacular events, with a variety of techniques - from juggling to acrobatics, from Korean painting to aerial rope and hand to hand - themes, languages, atmospheres.  Memories of the past, a dreams that become nightmares, burlesque, stop-motion, contortionism: just a few of the elements with which the Belgian circus will animate Italian stages.