Scie du Bourgeon


INNOCENCE - La Scie du BOURGEON © Tom Boccara

from and with Elsa Bouchez  Philippe Droz

choreography Dominique Dusynski

music and acting Benji Bernard

scenography Aline Breucker

video creation and screening Tom Boccara

artistic contributor Catherine Magis

lights creation and production Léonard Clarys

photo credits Tom Boccara

Creation  2018

duration 60 mins

techniques acro dance, juggling, partner acrobatics

minimum age 5 years

The Show

One person who is a woman, a mother, a grandmother and today a great-grandmother, and used to be a piano teacher.
Now her hands dance along the keys of an imaginary keyboard. Her hands are pitted and lined with blue veins, her fingers are long and slender. Her hands tell of years spent playing scales, practising every day to reach musical and circus prowess. Will our hands tell the story of years of coming together, catching and balancing?

The musical score composes a melody note by note, the tableaux reveals a universe layer by layer.
The show is created from inspirations, aspirations, and repetitions, like a painting by Chagall, the show starts out with reality and ends in a fantastic, imaginary world; its suspended characters inspire us, calling on us to leave the ground; they appear to float like memories and they make us glide from what is floating to what is blurred and imprecise.

What really happened? What portion of our memories do we create and what do we invent?

The Troupe

Scie du Bourgeon was recently founded by two French artists who share a long common path. Elza Bouchez and Philippe Droz met during a year of studies at the Chambery Circus School and graduated from the ESAC in Brussels in 2010; In 2011 they founded the company Un de Ces 4 and created the first street show, entitled Madame et sa croupe. In 2013 they collaborated with the company Side Show to create the Wonders show and worked at a number of projects (Bleu Enfin !, Rouge, of the Elastique Company Citrique, L'Ange Bleu ...).  Innocence is the company's first creation.